Enhance are proud to present our answer to the current coronavirus pandemic and bring to you our full internal decontamination service. Our new service consists of an external cleanse of the bodywork and extremities of vehicles including handles mirrors etc. using safe chemicals which have been proven to breakdown germs and bacteria. We then follow this up with an internal sterilisation of the vehicle using our bespoke antibacterial smoke which kills up to 99.9% of most bacteria/viruses/pathogens.


The deodorising antibacterial smoke destroys an ever growing list of diseases/viruses including but not limited to E.coli, MRSA, hepatitis B and HIV. 

The smoke also kills all odours including mould/damp, pet odours, sweat and tobacco when used with our decontamination system enabling us to remove unpleasant odours and bacteria on a molecular level, effortlessly, safely and permanently or until contamination is re-introduced back into the environment.

What We Offer

Unlike the standard car bombs which can be bought and used privately our system does not leave any residue as it is a dry smoke, therefore nothing is left other than full sanitation of the surfaces and a fresh odour environment. Safety is paramount when it comes to our decontamination methods, therefore we can ensure once the antibacterial smoke has lifted decontamination methods, therefore we can ensure once the antibacterial smoke has lifted there is no risk or side effect caused by the products we use. Once the antibacterial smoke has dissipated there is a 0% chance of any effected surface containing contamination and disease providing you with the security and knowledge the vehicle is safe.

This service is not limited to vehicles!


Internal Workspace


Office Buildings











Our internal decontamination methods can be utilised to sanitise and prepare any location ready for public use.

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