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Here at Enhance we can professionally restore your car to a better than showroom standard. We know exactly which are the correct steps are to take to not only clean and restore any vehicle but to also do it safely causing no damage to paint and other exterior surfaces. Proud members of the Professional Valeters and Detailers Organisation (PVD) organisation.


We are perfectionists and highly passionate about the car detailing service we deliver in Newcastle, we offer a wide range of comprehensive packages that will provide the bespoke level of care, restoration and protection that your vehicle requires to look “better than showroom condition” Our Services range from New Car Protections to Full Car Restoration packages.

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Decontamination Washes


Ceramic Coatings


Machine Polishing


Leather Care & Protect

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You’ll never believe that your vehicle or space could look that good and promote your business that much!

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